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We are finalist at the "Human-Competitive" Awards!

posted Jul 7, 2014, 12:28 AM by Alberto Bartoli   [ updated Sep 11, 2014, 2:40 AM by Eric Medvet ]
Great news: our GP-based Regex Golf player, recently accepted for publication at ACM GECCO, has been selected for inclusion among the 7 finalists at the 14-th "HUMIES Awards for Human-Competitive Results produced by Genetic and Evolutionary Computation".

The rules for this prestigious competition are clearly stated on the corresponding website. Essentially, participants submit "human-competitive results that were produced by any form of genetic and evolutionary computation and that were published during previous year... The criterion for human-competitiveness is that an automatically created result is considered human-competitive if it satisfies at least one of the following eight criteria.
  • (A) The result was patented as an invention in the past, is an improvement over a patented invention, or would qualify today as a patentable new invention.
  • ...
  • (H) The result holds its own or wins a regulated competition involving human contestants (in the form of either live human players or human-written computer programs)."
(see full list on the website)

Our claim is that our Regex Golf Player satisfies criterion H: This entry demonstrates that evolutionary computation has reached a level in which it may successfully compete with human programmers in scenarios explicitly designed to test their practical skills and creativity, and it may do so without any starting hint or external help.

The final will be on Monday 14-th in Vancouver, Canada. Andrea De Lorenzo will be there. The level is very high and the other participants are very strong...being in the final is a great result already...but you never know...let's cross the fingers...!